Koi Na Mita Sakega Dil Ke Is Fasane Ko Hindi & Eng Love Shayaris

The day you fall in love with someone,
You think is the happiest day of your life,
But in actual you become the weakest
person Who can’t live without someone..

Take my eyes but let me see you,
Take my mind but let me think about you
Take my hand but let me touch you
But don’t try to take my heart
Because its already with you….

I never searched but I found you
I never asked but I have you I never wished
for anything but it come true I just
want to thank God For Giving me such a
lovely wife like you..!

Teri Chaht Me Bhul Jata Hu Zamane Ko latest Shayari In Hindi

To see you smile,
I will walk many a mile.
To hear you talk,
Hundred miles will I walk.
To touch your hand,
I will cross seven seas and land.
You are my love,
life And everything that I own wife .

Tere haath ki main wo lakeer ban jaun,
Sirf main hi tera muqadar teri taqdeer ban jaun,
Main tujhe itna chaho k tu bhool jaye har
rishta Sirf main hi tere har rishte ki tasveer ban jaun,
Tu ankhein band kare to aaun main hi nazar,
Es tarah main tere har khawab ki tabeer ban jau.

Love is like a cloud, love is like a dream
Love is one word & every thing in between
Love is fairytale come true,
Because i found love when I found you..!

New Shayari In Hindi & English Tere Chehre Pe Muskan Aaye

Sawal kuch bhi ho, jawab tum hi ho Rasta koi bhi ho,
manzil tum hi ho Dukh kitna hi ho,
khushi tum hi ho Arman kitne bhi ho,
aarzoo tum hi ho Gussa kitna bhi ho,
pyar tum hi ho, Khawab koi bhi ho,
us me tum hi ho Kyunki tum hi ho…!!
Ab tum hi ho, Meri ashiqi ab tum hi ho….!!!!!

Love Can Travel Miles Away
Just Like Time Does During Night & Day
But As Love Travels Miles Apart
It Still Has A Solid Place In The Heart
As I Express These Feelings I Have For You
I Hope You Have Them For Me Too
Because My Life Is Empty Without You…

Nazare mile to pyar ho jata hai,
Palke uthe to izhaar ho jata hai,
Na jane kya kashish h chahat me
Kei koyi anjaan bhi hamari
Zindagi ka haqdaar ho jata hai !!!

Pyar mein kisi ko khona bhi zindagi hain,
Zindagi me gamo ka hona bhi zindagi hai.
Yun toh rehti hain hotho par muskurahat,
Par chupke se kisi k liye rona b zindagi hai !!!

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  1. Pyar mein kisi ko khona bhi zindagi hain,Zindagi me gamo ka hona bhi zindagi hai.Yun toh rehti hain hotho par muskurahat,Par chupke se kisi k liye rona b zindagi hai.

  2. Nazare mile to pyar ho jata hai,Palke uthe to izhaar ho jata hai,Na jane kya kashish h chahat meKei koyi anjaan bhi hamariZindagi ka haqdaar ho jata hai.

  3. सिर्फ मोहब्बत को पाना ही मोहब्बत नहीं होती
    कभी तुम भी कर लेते ऐतबार तो ये दुरी न होती,
    माफ़ कर देना गलतियों को मेरे
    तुम्हे चोट पोहचे ऐसी कभी मेरी तमन्ना नहीं होती.!

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